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H-FUN supplied life jackets to Rainbow valley


Being the most comprehensive and ideal location in North-east part of China, H-FUN′ s client--Rainbow Valley can satisfy all customers′ needs for weekends: Multi-functional facilities designed and built for customers′ leisurely life and business activities which include Hot Spring Centre, Ski-resort, Conference Centre etc.

H-FUN has built business relationship with Rainbow Valley for a long time. We supplies Rainbow Valley with life jackets this time. More than 3,000 life jackets are loaded to the truck.

H-FUN is an experienced professional water recreational articles research team, manufacturer and supplier. We get expert water amusement park products research team, targeting at create the most safety and ergonomic water articles which can serve the whole world. We run our own factory which follow the strictest water recreational articles producing standards of domestic China. And we only supply the qualified products without any substandard goods. We hope to cooperate with clients all over the world to build long term business relationship.

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