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Again! Wanda Chose H-Fun


After several competitions, Guangzhou H-Fun Water Recreational Articles Co., LTD. won the bid of Qingdao Wanda recreational amusement theme park water project on Dec 5th . This is fourth project that H-Fun cooperates with Wanda Group. We appreciate that Wanda consistently trust H-Fun, and we will provide the best products to Qingdao Wanda water park just like Wanda water park in Xishuangbanna, Changbaishan and Hefei.

Guangzhou H-Fun Water Recreational Articles Co., LTD.

Qingdao Wanda Water Park

H-Fun will abidingly follow our core policy: to devote all the time to saving our customers money, time, energy and trouble. We hope to cooperate with customers around the whole world to redefine the future of the water parks.

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