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H-FUN Designed A New EVA Foam Water Slide Mat

2017-12-04 17:11:43

Though the general slide mats has nicely served for more than 2 years in our clients′water parks, H-FUN research team continuously devote ourselves to create new player-oriented slide mats with the aim of safer and more ergonomic.

After thousands of tests, H-FUN team finally created the new ergonomic water slide mats.

EVA Foam Water Slide Mat

The new slide mat uses 20 mm non-toxic EVA abrasion resistant material. New ergonomic design handle has been reinforced with four screws which make the slide mat much safer and more suitable for players.

new ergonomic water slide mats

Two layers reinforced material make the new design water slide mat serves much longer than those old ones.

water slide mat

The screws have been totally covered in the EVA foam which keep the water slide away from damages while the mat slides.

Waterpark Slide Mat

58” dimension suit for most of players.

Guangzhou H-Fun Water Recreational Articles Co., LTD. is an experienced professional water recreational articles research and development team, manufacturer and supplier. We get expert water park products research and development team, targeting at creating the most safety and ergonomic water articles which can serve the global world. We run our own factory which follows the strictest water recreational articles producing standards. And we only supply the qualified high-class products without any substandard goods. 

H-FUN hope to cooperate with clients all over the world to bulid longterm business relationship.

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