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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


H-Fun team hope all you good people gets a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year after a whole busy working year. H-Fun team will always on your side and offer you water park products which get the best quality just like safety water slide floating tube, EVA slide mat, life jacket etc.

This year, many H-Fun′s products, just like "Safety Slide Tube", "Tube with Backrest" and " Ergonomic Slide Mat" with patent protection, have become very popular in our clients′ water parks in domestic China and overseas. We have built business relationship with many customers like Wanda Group, Tube Trek, Tuan Chan Ecopark etc. H-Fun will keep following our core policy: To save our customers′ money, time, energy and trouble. We will always supply the most safety water park products to our clients. We hope to cooperate with customers around the whole world to redefine the future of the water parks. Will you be the right person who we are looking for?

Editor: Brooke

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