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inflatable disco boat / tornado towable tube


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inflatable disco boat / tornado towable tube

Inflatable 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin rotating disco boat / tornado towable tube, 4m/5m diameter or customize size.
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    $700 - $1200
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    yellow blue red green
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    30 days
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Name Inflatable disco boat / tornado towable tube
Model No. HF-083
Material PVC Tarpaulin
Technic Extra reinforced overlap heat bonding 
Color Yellow, blue, green
Logo H-Fun or customize
Dimension 4m / 5m dia. or customize size.
Accessories CE blowers + repair kits + ropes
Application   Water park, water sports, lake or coast yacht games.


 1, Material: Heavy duty 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin.

 2, Smooth reinforced overlap heat bonding, can use much longer time.

 3, Reliable heavy duty metal wheelwork, much safer and longer lifespan.

 4, Rotating disco boat / tornado towable tube, very attractive

 4, Size, color, logo and design can be customized and OEM is welcome.

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