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H-Fun Team Visit Zhanjiang Texas Water World


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H-Fun Team Visit Zhanjiang Texas Water World


H-Fun team visit Zhanjiang Texas Water World which willl get 83 acre area after all the projects got finished, and will be the biggest theme park in domestic China.

Texas Water World was designed by Water TechnologyInc, and the park construction was devided to first phase project and second phase project. Polin are duty for the first first phase project while White Water are duty for second phase project. For the water park articles, H-Fun company supplied Texas water park tubes, rafts, racer mats, life jackets etc.

H-Fun team vistited Texas and experienced how our water park products work here.

H-Fun team  are on the way to Texas. Staff are sharing theier experiencs about water park industy.

H-Fun team experience our own 4 person family raft.

H-Fun double tube used on the slides built by Polin in Texas Water World.

H-Fun's lazy river tubes.

H-Fun water park racer mats.

H-Fun's like jackets.

After this travel, H-Fun team have totally experienced how our own products work together with Polin's water slides, pools and other projects. We have made it more clear that H-Fun team will keep design and produce the most safety products. H-Fun would like to cooperate with all clients to create safer and better water park running environment all over the world.

Editor: Brooke

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