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Welcome to the booth of Guanghzhou H-Fun in IAAPA Expo In Orlando


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Welcome to the booth of Guanghzhou H-Fun in IAAPA Expo In Orlando


H-Fun team will attend IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando. Welcome to visit our booth in the fair.

Address: OCCC, Orlando

Date: November 19 ~ 22th, 2019

Booth NO: 3280

Here are some info about us:

1.Who are we?

Guangzhou H-Fun Water Recreational Articles Co., LTD. is an experienced professional water recreational articles R&D team, manufacturer and supplier. We get expert water park products R&D team, targeting at creating the most safety and ergonomic water recreational articles like inflatable water park tubes, family rafts, EVA foam slide mats, life jackets etc which can serve the global world. We run our own factory which follows the strictest water recreational articles producing standards. And we only supply the qualified high-class water park products without any substandard goods.

2. How we differ from others?

The general water park inflatable tubes on the market are almost sealed by High Frequency welding technology (HF welding technology). The assembly is made by high frequency and pressure between two electrodes, and then you have the final product shape. It is a universally proven, very common and widely mass-produced production technology. It remains as the most economical technology on the market recent years. This kind of water park tube often get a lifetime of one year or even less than several months.

Our safety water park tubes are sealed by Heat Bonding technology.(Also called Hot Overlap)The assembly is made with a flow of very hot air and pressure at the 2 PVC sheets overlapping area. It is a hand-made technique combining craftsmanship and welding experience with high tech machines. Our water park inflatable tubes can be used at least 2 years.

3.How can our product quality be secured?

The water park product quality will be guaranteed by our highly professional teams in R&D, management and producing. Our R&D team design the most safety and ergonomic water products. Our management team adopt the most scientific and effective methods to ensure the company runs reasonably and efficiently. We have advanced equipment, high-class production lines and experienced workers, which compose our producing circumstance. ALL the products will be tested before delivery for at least 24 hours, only qualified ones can be sent to our customers. Usually our product can be used at least 2 years.

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